Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

Top US Health Experts Worry About Corona Vaccines Made in China and Russia, Here's the Reason


Dr Anthony FauciDr Anthony Fauci - The leading health expert of the United States (US), Dr. Anthony Fauci, raised concerns about the safety of the Coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) being developed by China and Russia. Fauci urged US authorities to be careful about the Corona vaccine produced by the two countries.

Several Chinese companies are known to be at the forefront of the global Corona vaccine development competition. While Russia has raised hopes of becoming the first country to successfully produce Corona vaccines for the public, targeting September.

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However, the drugs are likely to face a rigorous examination given that the regulatory systems in both countries are far more cryptic than Western countries.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (1 August 2020), concerns about the Chinese and Russian vaccines were conveyed by Fauci during a hearing with the US Congress on Friday (31 July) local time. During the meeting, Fauci was asked if the US could use the vaccine of China or Russia if the two countries succeeded in producing it first. Fauci indicated that this was not possible.

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