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New tourism potential, the visitors can reach the sun at the peak of Rokan land


The beauty of the Peak of Sphere in Rokan Hulu, Riau, at sunrise. Photo: desThe beauty of the Peak of Sphere in Rokan Hulu, Riau, at sunrise. Photo: des - If you are a natural tourism enthusiast who want to found beautiful natural scenery, you can come to Ranah Peak or Suligi Peak, that located in Koto Ranah Village, Kabun District, Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province.

In areas that fall into this highland category, the visitors can enjoy beautiful natural beauty. And of course, it's not less beautiful with tourist areas in other areas.

As told by the Village Chief of Koto Ranah, Saprizal, this tourist area provide beautiful natural scenery with clean and cool air. And the conditions of the scenery will be more beautiful, at sunrise or sunset.

"Ranah peak or Suligi will provide a special experience for visitors, especially for those who want to explore the natural beauty with an unspoiled atmosphere," said Saprizal on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

In addition to seeing the beauty of sunrise and sunset, the visitors can also take pictures of selfie in some spots such as Lichen Mattress and Large Stone. From the peak, visitors can also see the Hydro Power Plant (PLTA) Koto Ranah.

"At night, we can see the scenery of Bangkinang, Kampar and Ujung Batu," he explained.

"Currently, the number of visitors to this region continues to grow, so far, it has recorded 4,857 visitors," he added.

To reach the area, visitors must have a journey about 7 kilometers from Kabun to base camp.

Next, from base camp to Simpang Wisata it's take about 5 kilometers. And the journey continues to the foot of Bukit Puncak Ranah / Suligi about 3 kilometers. To reach the top of the hill, visitors must walk about an hour. Bukit Ranah peak is at an altitude of approximately 900 mbpl.

For visitors who want to camp, they can rent many equipments that has been provided by local residents. To enter this area, visitors must pay for IDR 35 thousand. The cost also includes for parking.

"Every visitor is not allowed to carry sharp weapons, for those who stay overnight, they are not allowed to have a tent with their partner," he explained.

Saprizal hope, this tourist area continues to grow well until finally known to the public. "Our hope, the potential of this tourism can support the local economy," he said.



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