Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Since RAPP no longer operated in Meranti Islands, many youth in villagers work in Malaysia


Kepala Desa Mengkopot, H AnsarKepala Desa Mengkopot, H Ansar -  Although not include one of village in the concession area ??Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) company, but the existence of the Industrial Plantation Company (HTI) in Pulau Padang, Meranti Islands, Riau Province, gives good impact for many youths in Mengkopot Village and Tanjung Pisang, Tasik Putri Puyu District.

In the past, when the company still operated in Meranti District, the youths in the two villages could work and earn an income from that company.

But since the company no longer operated a year ago, the impact was immediately felt by them.

"Nowadays, many young people in our village were forced to migrate to Malaysia to find job, of course, this is not easy, because there are many risks that must be faced there," said Head of Mengkopot Village, H Ansar on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to

"But they must face that risk, in order to earn income and continue their lives."

Ansar says, the number of people who rely their life in Malaysia is pretty much. The number is reach until hundreds of people.

"In the past, when RAPP company was still operating, many of our people work there, but since RAPP is not operating, we have to find another work in Malaysia," he said.

The condition is quite worrying for him as the village head.

"You can imagine, in the past, our community could work with getting a decent wage, security guarantees and the most importantly is they can gather with their family."

But now, with work in Malaysia, many risks must be faced. Beside to bring passports with the status of tourist, but become a worker there, the unsecured security while working in Malaysia and away from their family in Indonesia being main problem that must faced.

Therefore, he felt that RAPP's operation in Pulau Padang is very helpful for the community in his village. Especially to provide opportunities for people in his village to get work with decent wages.

A similar statement was also made by Pauzi, a young man from Tanjung Pisang village.

He acknowledged, the existence of RAPP company in Meranti Islands is very helpful the local economy, especially for community in Pulau Padang.

"Although not included in the PT RAPP concession area, but the opportunity for youth in this village to work with decent wages is very open, from being a boat captain on a canal, being a seed grower, being a seller and another jobs," he said.



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