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Elected by acclamation, Sari Antoni leads the Golkar Party in Rokan Hulu


Sari Antoni leads the Golkar Party in Rokan HuluSari Antoni leads the Golkar Party in Rokan Hulu -  As predicted by many previous cadres, H Sari Antoni was elected by acclamation to become the Chairman of DPD Golkar Party Rokan Hulu (Rohul), Riau Province in the Regional Deliberation (Musda) of DPD Golkar Rohul Party on Wednesday February 28, 2018 at Pangeran Hotel, Pekanbaru.

Sari Antoni who is also a member of Rokan Hulu Parliament will lead the Golkar Party for 2018 until 2023.

The repeated of Musda was attended by Chairman of the Golkar Party DPD Riau Province, Arsyadjuliandi Rahman aka Andi Rahman and H. Masnur as Vice Chairman of Golkar Riau DPD.

Meanwhile, from DPP of Golkar Party was attended by Taufik Hidayat as Chairman of the Organization, Kristina as Deputy Secretary General of the DPP who is also a judge of the Golkar Party and the DPP for Sumatra, Darul Siska.

The signs of Sari Antoni that will be election as the Chairman of DPD Golkar Party Rokan Hulu, began to appear when Arsyadjuliandi Rahman speech.

"I hope all the cadres of Golkar Party in Rohul must be united. I heard there is a mutual agreement in Rohul about who will be elected as the Chairman, "said Andi Rahman.

Andi Rahman asking all issues related to Golkar Party in Rohul must be neutralized.

"Rohul is the granary place for Riau, Mr. Sari Antoni not only the Chairman of Tambusai, but being the Chairman of DPD Rokan Hulu regency, so you must think about the scope of Rohul" he added.

The DPP Golkar for Sumatra, Darul Siska, said, seen from it's urgency, the repeated of Musda has reached the expected target.

Nevertheless, it must continue to carry out the process for the administration procession of Musda, as determined by the party.

Next, the head of the temporary session, Rosidi Husin, Asmuirawan and Fahrizal from DPD Golkar Riau, led and read the order of Musda.

Furthermore, the selection of permanent leader.

The elected were H Sarkawi and Zulkarnain from the elements of the District Leadership (PK) and Gusmida from wing organization elements.

The agenda of the session of Musda was run fast.

The Head of Sub-district Lead (PK) Bangun Purba, Rahmat Tanjung, representing all PKs in Rokan Hulu and read a statement of support to H Sari Antoni. The same support also came from the wing organization.

"On behalf of the whole PK in Rohul, we propose the name of Sari Antoni as the sole candidate of Golkar Party Chairman Rohul," he said.

Based on the agreement of the participants of Musda, the head of the session finally knocked the hammer marked the election of H Sari Antoni as Chairman of DPD Golkar Rohul by acclamation.

The trial continued with the selection of formatures to choose the management of DPD Golkar Rohul. The result is as a team of formatures consisted of H Sari Antoni, Zulkarnain, Rahmat Tanjung, Asmuirawan and Robinson.

After being elected, Sari Antoni said that he was ready to raise the party in the future. One of the main targets that will be done is trying to gain as many votes as possible during the upcoming election in 2019.

"Golkar Party Chair in Rokan Hulu Parliament is expected to increase, from 7 seats currently to 10 seats later," said Sari Antoni again



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