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Teenagers in Bengkalis clashed using arrows and sharp bamboo


The young men in BengkalisThe young men in Bengkalis -  The community of Bengkalis were anxious on Friday March 2 2018 morning, because gangs of dozens of teenagers clashed against each other.

The clash between the two leaders of the gangs happened in Baru street, Wonosari Village, Bengkalis Sub-District, Riau Province.

Some weapons like arrows, wooden blocks and sharp bamboos were even used during the dangerous fight. They argued and attacked each other.

What was ironic is that most of them were still in middle school. The young men made themselves looked like gangsters that usually appeared in films.

The Head of the Civil Service Police Unite (Satpol PP) of Bengkalis said through Head of Public Discipline and Local Legislation, Hengki Irawan, there were two gangs that got caught up in the fight.

One gang constituted of young men from Parit Bangkong, Kelapati and Wonosari. They went up againt young men from Senggoro Village.

“We got information from civilians around 12 at midnight that there was a fight so we responded quickly,” Hengki said to the reporters on Friday, March 2 2018.

Henki said that they were able to capture seven people in the location and brought them to headquarters. While there was no death, some of the youths were quite beaten up and wounded on the legs.

“They were really doing it for fun. Some of them brought block, bamboo and even arrows. Fortunately, we captured seven of them,” Hengki explained.

According to Hengki, the police had punished the youths enough and their parents were called to the headquarters. “We called their parents. There were those who refused because of fear, but then we brought their children home and explained the situation,” Hengki said.

He hoped the same thing would not happen again.




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