Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Now, the residents of Rokan Hulu can fly to Batam with cheap price


The plane of Susi AirThe plane of Susi Air -  Residents of Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province are very pleased with the reopening of the flight route of Susi Air from Pasir Pengaraian to Batam, Riau Islands Province.

Moreover, the price for ticket is very cheap, only IDR 263,700 for one flight.

"We are very happy because if we want to go to Batam, we do not need to go to Pekanbaru," said Syahrial, a resident in Rokan Hulu when met with on Monday, March 19 2018.

He said, in the past, the route from Pasir Pengaraian to Batam has been opened. But because there are something trouble, the route must closed.
But three weeks ago, the route had been opened again ie from Pasir Pengaraian to Batam, and Batam to Pasir Pengaraian.

"We hope this route will stay awake, and we hope it can be twice a week, for example, on Friday and Sunday, so we can leave Pasir Pengaraian on Friday and return Sunday," Syahrial suggested.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transportation made a program for pioneer flights Batam - Pasir Pangaraian and Pasir Pangaraian - Batam which has been functioned again since three last week.

According to Ilham, staff of Aviation Security who is also Representative of Susi Air, currently the airport organizer unit (UPBU) Pasir Pangaraian, Rokan Hulu, Riau, has served back pioneer flights to the general public.

Ilham admitted the flight only available on Friday and still using Air Susi Air type 212 and Lead 410 which is a backup plane.

The flight of Kasa 212 have passenger seats for 18 people.

Ilham explained, for departure there is a change of schedule, "From Batam-Pasir Pangaraian at 08.50 am, local time and will be arrive at 10.10 am, local time. While for Batam, the flight at 10.25 am, local time, previously at 9.30 am, local time. Then change of the ticket price for Pasir Pangaraian to Batam is about IDR 263,700, while Batam to Pasir Pangaraian is about IDR 303,700."

He also said, evaluation data from the Ministry of Transportation revealed the pioneering flight at Pasir Pangaraian to Batam has reached 51 percent.

He also reminded that for passengers who want to go to Dabo Singkep, Riau Islands Province, can used the aircraft of Susi Air with the route of Pasir Pangaraian to Batam. After arrived at Batam, the plane directly go to Dabo Singkep and the cost about IDR 314.000,

Then, Susi Air also opened a flight route to Rengat, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province, that departure from Batam and other areas.

It's means, the prospective passengers can depart from Pasir Pangaraian and connected to another plane in Batam for the desired destination.





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