Saturday, 30 May 2020

BI suggests always do exchange money in the banks


BI RiauBI Riau - Execution of a small currency exchange along with 35 banks that have been implemented on May 30th to 31st and 4th to 6th of June 2018 conducted in the yard of the Mosque Annur and run successfully.

Head of Riau of Bank Indonesia Representative Office Siti Astiyah said during a press conference after the iftar event on Thursday, June 7th 2018, "For five successful yesterday held small money exchange, the total of IDR 4,7 billion prepared has all out, but the public exchange only amounts to about IDR 900 billion. "

He urged the public to exchange money at official redemption places, whether held by Bl, banking or other parties appointed by BI.

"There may not be a whole lot of people in exchange for small denomination, because some have not received the THR yet, but the redemption can still be done in a number of state-owned and private banks" she added.

"For the community, it is better not to exchange money in places other than banks, one of which is through sales services encountered in the street" she advised.

Bank Indonesia also recommends that the public is also expected to be careful with researching the authenticity of money by the 3D method (Seen, touched, lighted). To make it easier to recognize the authenticity of rupiah banknotes, people always keep and care for the rupiah well through the 5 method Do not: Do not Fold, Do not be Written, Do not Distapler, Do not Waste, Do not Wet.

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