Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Trump says that he would invite Kim Jong Un to the White House


Kim Jong Un and Donald TrumpKim Jong Un and Donald Trump -  The US President, Donald Trump after signing for document session said that he would invite Kim Jong Un to the White House. And Kim says that he accept the Trump's invitation. 

As reported from The Guardian on Wednesday, June 13 2018, the information was submitted by the North Korean News Agency (KCNA).

And on the same occasion, Kim Jong Un also invite Trump to come to his country. 

"Both leaders are happy to accept the invitations for each other, the invitation will serve as an important opportunity to improve the relationship of North Korean and the United States," wrote KCNA.

Earlier,  in a meeting in Singapore on Tuesday, June 13 2018, when asked by reporters that he would invite Kim Jong-Un to the White House, Trump says, " Of course, I will invite him."

Trump repeatedly mentioned that his encounter with Kim in Singapore will built a 'very special bond'. 

"It's an honor to be with you here," Trump told to Kim Jong-Un at Capella Hotel, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

"All the people in the world,  will be very impressed and very happy because we will overcome a very dangerous problem for the world," he added.


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