Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Scientists told about the harm caused by diets


Diets can be harmfulDiets can be harmful - It turned out that restrictions in food can harm both health and psyche.

A group of scientists from the US told about the harm of diets. This is what profile media are writing about. Specialists said that strict food restrictions can harm both physical well-being and mental state too.

According to experts, while following a diet, the most important for human body microelements and vitamins are excluded.
In order to get rid of extra pounds, it is enough to increase physical activity and to eat fruits and vegetables more often. This way you can lose weight much faster than with a limited intake of food.

Scientists stressed that diets can harm a person's mental state. They noted that it is better to eat any foods, including fatty and floury, but at the same time listen to your body. This will allow to prolong youth and health longer than constant visits to doctors in an attempt to get rid of excess kilograms.

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