Wednesday, 27 May 2020

This is how to stop Google to track your location through your devices


IllustrationIllustration - Google is known to still track the user's location even though the GPS settings and location history in the mobile settings have been turned off by users. This finding was previously known by researchers from Princeton University, Gunes Pickles who found that Google is still watching the movements without the user's knowledge.

To set up your 'reconnaissance' movement, the following steps can be taken by users. Associated Press reported, the following steps can be taken to make Google no longer detect your movements.

First make sure your phone is connected to Google account. The next step you can access the site via the mobile browser. In the menu options on the top left, you can choose 'Activity Controls' then turn off 'web & app activity' and 'location history'. By turning off these two settings, Google should no longer be able to mark every move and connect it to your account.

While for Google Maps users on iOS devices, users can change the GPS usage settings to the 'Only When Used' option. That way, this application will only detect your presence when the application is being used. To change this setting, users can do this through the Settings option - Privacy - Service Location and can select the Google Maps application to make changes.

For Safari users, you can change it via the Settings option - Safari - Mining Engine, later there will be an option to deactivate GPS via Settings - Privacy - Service Location - Safari Website and select 'Never activated'. In addition, users can also disable Location Services via Settings - Privacy - Location Services that makes Google unable to detect your presence. But digital map applications can still be used, even though the presence of the user is not detected.

Especially for Android phone and tablet users, you can set up Google tracking actions via the Settings option - Security & location - Privacy - Location. Select 'Application level permission' to turn off GPS access to all applications. Android users only have the option to give GPS access to all applications, or turn them off completely. Users do not have the option to use GPS only when the application is being used.

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