Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Erdogan appreciates the US-Turkish crisis


Erdogan said he no longer wants to cooperate with the USErdogan said he no longer wants to cooperate with the US -  The capital of Turkey Ankara will respond to the trade war announced by Washington by turning to other markets, reports agency “Anadolu» statement of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

On Friday, Donald Trump announced an increase in duties on aluminum to 20% and steel to 50% from Turkey. This triggered another decline in the Turkish lira (for a day about 20% of its value)

According to Turkish President Erdogan, Ankara will respond to the one, who pulled her into a trade war, turned to new markets.

He added that "the goal of the Washington administration is to subordinate Turkey on all counts, from finance to politics. It's an insidious game, but it's silly to believe that the Turkish government will tremble with fear from the exchange rate. "

The Turkish leader said that he no longer wants to cooperate with a country that supports terrorist organizations.

"We say goodbye to those who sacrifice partnership and alliance with the 81 million state for the sake of ties with the terrorist organization",- he said.

Earlier, the US imposed sanctions against the heads of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey because of the American pastor who has been detained since 2016. The Turkish authorities accuse Pastor Andrew Branson of complicity in the organization created by the opposition preacher Fethullah Gulenen (who lives in the US), as well as the Workers' Party of Kurdistan, banned in Turkey.

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