Wednesday, 05 Aug 2020

Dream job for chocolate lover, Nutella opens vacancies of chocolate taster


NuttelaNuttela - It's hard to resist the delicious of chocolate jam on toast or a bite of chocolate bars with nuts when our mood is bad. If you are one of them, then it could be that working in a chocolate factory as a taster will be your dream job. The popular chocolate jam factory, Nutella is now opening jobs for 60 taster to immediately work in Italy.

Which makes this work even more interesting, Nutella is looking for workers who don't have specific experiences like nutrition experts and so on. Instead, this work is open for ordinary people.

According to Local Italian news website, these lucky tasters will act as "sensory examiners" for their research company, Soremartec Italia S.R.L, located in Alba, Italy. Around 60 people selected will soon join Nutella on September 30th 2018.

Before that, the taster will also take a three-course to hone the sense of their taste so that they can work optimally. But if you want to apply, you have to live in Italy. The reason is, that dream job only applies to those who live in Italy.

Ferrero's spokesman, Nutella's main company, revealed that this vacancy is not open to workers who are domiciled outside Italy. "This work is only for the location of our office in Alba, Italy. And for now there are no similar vacancies in other areas" Ferrero's spokesman told Daily Meal.

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