Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

This is the rule that even leaders of countries have to obey if they dining with the Queen


IllustrationIllustration - When you are attending Britain’s royal events and meeting the royal family, there are some rules, conventions and traditions you have to remember to do. For example, bowing or curtseying to the Queen and calling the royal family members as their Royal Highness.

However, some people from outside of Britain may not be familiar with these customs. That is why they do a mistake or have a slip sometimes, but they may be forgiven.

However, there is one rule that everyone, even a leader of another country, like US president Donald Trump, has to obey when attending royal state banquet.

During the banquet, the food will be served and you will eat with the Queen. However, when the Queen stops eating, you will have to stop as well because after that, the staffs will quickly remove the plates and the next course begins.

“A wonderful royal tradition is that when the Queen finishes eating the plates are all indeed cleared. This is not a new rule but one that monarchs have practiced for centuries,” said Royal Butler Grant Harrold.

This may seem cruel at first glance. But Harrold said that the Queen will be a gracious hostess and she will wait until everyone finishes eating before finishing her own.

“However, knowing the Queen to be the perfect hostess she would wait until the guests within sight have finished before finishing. It is worth bearing in mind if you are lucky enough to dine with the Queen, don’t be the last to finish!” he said.


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