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The story of Jorginho that had lived for EUR 20 per week to be able to play in Copa America 2019


JorginhoJorginho - Jorginho is a footballer who was born in Imbituba, Brazil, and now is a 27 years old. He took Italian citizenship through the lineage of his great grandfather. The Chelsea midfielder moved to Italy at the age of 15. An agent took him to Italy, after first being admitted to a football school.

"I played in the Brazilian tournament and an agent monitored me. He took me and other players to the football school, which is 200 kilometres from where I lived. I spent two years there" Jorginho was quoted as saying on the official Chelsea website.

Entering Verona, the team was not in Serie A at that time and did not have a junior team. Jorginho was then transferred to the junior team named Berretti for two years. The team played in Serie C1 / C2. At that moment, Jorginho met a goalkeeper who was also from Brazil. Both started to get close and questions arose regarding the process of moving Jorginho from Brazil to Italy.

"When I played for the Berretti, I met a fellow Brazilian named Rafael, a goalkeeper. I was friend with him. He asked me about what I did, how long I was here, and I told him I was living with 20 euro a week", and he asked what things that could make me stay with condition like that.

I answered, "Mother said 'don't think about it. You are very close to what you are dreaming of, you have been there for several years, i will not allow you to go home. You have to stay there and be strong.' So, I decided to stay" Jorginho revealed.

Jorginho finally managed to get into Verona's senior team. He was there from 2011 to 2014 and made Napoli interested to buy him until now he is playing for Chelsea. And now, his hard work has led him to become one of Brazilians who competed in the 2019 Copa America.


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