Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

Weird clause on Maurizio Sarri’s contract with Juventus that requires him to dress formally


Maurizio SarriMaurizio Sarri - Maurizio Sarri officially has become Juventus' new coach on the next season. But a strange clause occurs in his contract, which relates to the style of dress. The 60-year-old coach returns to Italy after spending a season with Chelsea. At his new club, Sarri agrees with 3 years contract with a fee of GBP 6.2 million per year.

At his introduction to the Allianz Stadium, yesterday, on June 20th 2019, Sarri told that there is a clause that he doesn’t like in his contract. The clause requires Sarri to wear formal clothes in his activities as a Bianconeri coach. Because, when he coached Chelsea his type of dress tends to be casual.

The Italian national coach always wears club sportswear whenever he accompanies the teams he coaches, both while on the pitch and on press conferences. Sarri indicated that he would talk about the obligation to dress formally while coaching Juventus.

"Off the pitch when I represent Juventus, I have to wear it (formal dress) and it is written in the contract. But on the pitch, I prefer not to wear it (formal dress), but we will discuss it later" he explained. "The important thing, at my age, is that they don't ask me to be naked."


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