Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

2,040 applications on Google Play store are found to be dangerous


IllustrationIllustration - A two-year study conducted by the University of Sydney and Data61 of CSIRO found that there are 2,040 dangerous applications on the Google Play Store. Surprisingly some of them are quite famous.

The researchers monitored 1 million applications on the Play Store, and they found quite a lot of fake applications. Although it does not contain malware, the application asks permission to access data that is not related to their business. The two examples are Hill Climb Racing and Temple Run.

In processing so many applications, the researchers used neural and machine learning networks. Algorithms are set to search for the same text description and icons that are visually similar to 10,000 popular applications. The result is 49,608 applications have potential threats.

The researchers also used VirusTotal, 7,246 applications are marked as dangerous. As many as 2,040 of them are fake and have a high risk. Besides that, 1,565 of them have five sensitive permits. And 1,407 applications embed third-party ad libraries.

This finding has been reported to Google and the application is considered dangerous immediately kicked from the Play Store. The Google team also said that currently the number of applications that were denied entry into the Play Store increased 55% from last year. While suspended applications reached 66%, according to the GSM Arena, on Tuesday, June 25th 2019.


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