Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

The designer that design iPhone will leave Apple to make his own company


Jony IveJony Ive - Apple’s chief design officer, Jony Ive will leave the company to form his own independent design company. He is expected to depart this year, but will still work closely with Apple on a number of projects, and Apple will remain as his new company’s primary client.

Ive has been staying with Apple for 30 years. He is the one behind the design of several popular products like iPhone, iPad and Macbooks. Considering the impact of iPhone in this modern day, it can be said that technology will not become how it is today without him.

“Jony is a singular figure in the design world and his role in Apple’s revival cannot be overstated, from 1998’s groundbreaking iMac to the iPhone and the unprecedented ambition of Apple Park, where recently he has been putting so much of his energy and care,” said Apple CEO, Tim Cook.


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