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The release of JCH from Istiqomah Grand Mosque was carried out by the Regent of Bengkalis


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  The management of the Istiqomah Bengkalis Grand Mosque the release of Pilgrimage Candidates (JCH).

The release of JCH from Istiqomah Grand Mosque was carried out by the Regent of Bengkalis that represented by Expert Staff in the Field of Legal and Political Governance, Haholongan on Monday, July 8, 2019.

Giving the flour pat was first carried out by the Expert Staff in the Field of Law and Political Governance, Prompt, followed by the Chief of Bengkalis Police AKBP. Yusuf Rahmanto, Kasdim 0303 / Bengkalis Dedyk Wahyu Widodo.

Then General Chair of the Great Mosque of Istiqomah Bengkalis, H Arianto, Chair of the MUI Bengkalis Amrizal, Head of the Ministry of Religion, Bengkalis, H Jumari and Head of Welfare Section of the Bengkalis Regional Secretariat, H. Hambali, representative of the Bengkalis Sub-District Head, Painiwan and FKUB Chair H. Nurnawi.

Here's a list of names 17 JCH from Istiqomah Grand Mosque:

Zulkifli Yahya
Adi Sutrisno and Tri Murti (Wife)
H Suma'I and Kamariah (Wife)
Muhammad Yakub Atan Yamin and Zaharah Maharajo (Wife)
Fauzi Hall of Muhammad Tudin and Asnita Kumpul Hasibuan (Wife) Arwan Bin Hasan Basri
Usmawati Bin Sutan Rajo Amih
Herizal Hasan Jantan
Afrianti Ruslan Muhammad Sani
Aminah Salam Abdullah
Wardi and Asnah (wife).

The JCH will depart from Pekanbaru on July 13 2019.

The Regent of Bengkalis through Haholongan appealed to JCH to carry out worship in an orderly and special manner.

He also called on JCH to adhere to the rules and schedules that set by the Government of Saudi Arabia and follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the Organizing Committee of the Hajj.






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