Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Fell on the bicycle race, this young cyclist found that his lungs were pierced by a wooden stick


Lorenzo GobboLorenzo Gobbo - Young cyclist Lorenzo Gobbo (17) from Italy had an accident when he was on a bicycle race in Belgium. Due to that, he had to be rushed to the hospital because there were pieces of wood stabbing his lungs.

The incident began when Lorenzo fell in the middle of a track made of wood. The pedals that were being paddled hard on the surface of the track made the pieces of wood released and then struck down by Lorenzo's body.

At the hospital the doctor found that the piece of wood penetrated on his waist through his lungs. The doctor needs an operation to remove it.

"After the operation he recovered well but remained in intensive care to prevent infection," said event organizer Chief Executive Cycling Vlaanderen, Frank Glorieux, as quoted by the BBC, Sunday, July 14, 2019.

Frank claimed to have visited Lorenzo, who had now regained consciousness accompanied by his parents. Meanwhile workers began trying to repair parts of the track damaged by the incident.


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