Monday, 20 Jan 2020

The third flight group of Riau pilgrims arrive in Mecca


IllustrationIllustration -  The Hajj candidates of the third flight group consisting of pilgrims from Riau, Riau Islands, West Borneo and Jambi have arrived in Mecca. According to the Head of Hajj Department of Riau Regional Office of Religion Ministry, Erizon, their journey started on 12:00 local time.

“The move is done on Tuesday, July 16th, on 12:00 local time,” he said.

Erizon said that before going to Mecca, the pilgrims have done arbain prayer and visited the historical places in Medina.

The journey was short because the distance from their hotel to Masjid Nabawi is only around 150 meters.






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