Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Pekanbaru Mall and Grand Jatra Hotel will be renovated, Cinemaxx will be added


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  Bima Sakti Pertiwi (BSP) Company is the company that owns Pekanbaru Mall (MP), which is also used for Grand Jatra Hotel. The company will hold a big renovation to upgrade some facilities in both the mall and the hotel.

According to the Director of BSP Company, Leonardus Sutarman, in the first stage the food court of Pekanbaru Mall will be relocated. This is because the place will be used to make a cinema with the capacity of 5 studios. The cinema that will be built there is the cinema chain, Cinemaxx.

“The third floor will be renovated using the concept of the city of Venice, Italy. We want MP to become a special destination, for gadgets, clothes, snacks, experience, and movies, with the presence of Cinemaxx,” he said.

The General Manager of MP Megawati said that they realize that MP has become one of the most popular destinations in Pekanbaru. That is why they want to develop their business units. One of them is by adding Cinemaxx.

“We already work together with Cinemaxx, which will be built here with 5 studios. For Cinemaxx, we’ll be waiting for the team from Jakarta. Our target this year is that Cinemaxx will exist in Pekanbaru Mall,” she said.






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