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58 spots Appear, Riau Never Free From Hotspots This Weekend


Riau is still not free from hotspots (photo / int))Riau is still not free from hotspots (photo / int)) -

Sunday, August 25, 2019, a number of hotspots or hotspots are still monitored in Riau Province. There are 58 Riau hotspots spread in 8 regencies.

As said by the Pekanbaru Station BMKG analysis officer, Sanya Gautami. "Riau hotspots are spread in Bengkalis 15 points, Pelalawan 20 points, and Inhil 13 points. While Meranti 5 points, Kampar 1 point, Rohil 2 points, Siak 1 point, and Inhu 1 point," he said.

It's just that for Riau hotspots with confidence levels above 70 percent BMKG noted there were only 39 points. Spread in Bengkalis 13 points, Meranti 4 points, Kampar 1 point, Pelalawan 15 points, Rohil 1 point, Siak 1 point, Inhil 3 points, and Inhu 1 point.

While the air temperature is not so hot the maximum is 33 degrees Celsius. With 50 - 97 percent air humidity and Southeast - Southwestern wind / 10 - 30 km / hour.

For info wave height for waters in Riau Province in general ranges between 0.5 - 1.5 meters.


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