Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

ARI sufferers in Bengkalis go up 20 percent due to incomplete fog


The haze blankets RiauThe haze blankets Riau - Since shrouded in haze, after forest and land fires. In Bengkalis, Acute Respiratory Disease Inspection (ARI) has increased, even reaching 10-20 percent.

"At this time sufferers of ARI in Bengkalis have increased enough, it reaches 10-20 percent," said Dr. Morisson Bathiong Sihite, Saturday, September 14, 2019.

Dr. Moris explained, for an average of before, there were only 20 people with ARI. But because the smoke is getting thicker, the number of people affected by ISPA is increasing to 25-30 people per day.

"Since this week, 25-30 people in Bengkalis and Bantan have been infected with ARI and every day they go to my practice, the people affected by ARI have indeed increased, among them, Fever, Cough, Filex, and some are short of breath. And there are also who has a sore throat by expelling phlegm, "he concluded.

Meanwhile, Director of Bengkalis Regional Hospital, Dr. Ersan Saputra TH, when confirmed about the Bengkalis community members affected by ISPA, still did not give an official answer and it was as if the Bengkalis Regional Hospital seemed to be covering up. "Try to confirm with Rita's book," answered Dr. Ersan briefly via WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, when Dr. Rita confirmed that via his cellphone claimed he was ill, he even asked to confirm with Ediyanto. While Ediyanto when contacted was reluctant to pick up the phone.


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