Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Pedicab in Inhil Was Found Lifeless in His House


The biotin ejek Bing brought to Puri Husada Tembilahan HospitalThe biotin ejek Bing brought to Puri Husada Tembilahan Hospital -

Residents in Jalan M Boya, Tembilahan District, Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau were shocked by the discovery of a pedicab driver named Alan who had died in his house on Saturday (18 January 2020).

Based on information from the police, the discovery of the 50-year-old man originated from the suspicion of residents who smelled the pungent odor from the direction of the victim's house.

Residents immediately knocked on the door of the victim's house but there was no answer. Then the residents broke the door and after the door was opened it was known that the pungent odor came from the room.

Residents also immediately reported the discovery of the corpse to the police for further processing.

And then Tembilahan Police Station members and the Inhil Police identification team along with the BPBD team brought the bodies to Puri Husada Tembilahan Hospital to be examined by the medical team.

From the results of the doctor's post mortem at RSUD Puri Husada Tembilahan, it was known that the victim had died since 72 hours earlier.

"72 hours of death have just been discovered," said Inhil Police Chief, AKBP Indra Dhuaman through the Head of Public Relations of Inhil Police Precinct, AKP Warno.

In addition, the results of the examination revealed that there were no signs of violence in the body, but there was vomiting due to high blood pressure.

"The body has been handed over to the family to be buried", explained Warno.


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