Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Dangerous! Corona Virus Is Getting Worse, the Government Has Closed the Access to Public Vehicles


IllustrationIllustration - Coronavirus continues to increase the death toll in mainland China, from 41 to 52 alias 11 by 11 people, in just one day.

In addition, the virus also infected three doctors after they returned from Hubei Province, the location of the coronavirus outbreak.

In total, the outbreak of the virus amounted to 1,287 cases, both positive and recently suspected (suspect), in all areas of mainland China.

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In Beijing, the capital of China, there are 10 new cases, including three doctors, so that so far there are a total of 51 cases.

Of the three doctors from Beijing, two of them had traveled to Wuhan, while the other had sat down with a person at a meeting in Wuhan, as reported by CGTN, the official Chinese television station.

Starting on Sunday (26 January 2020), the Beijing City Road Traffic Service closed all inter-province passenger and freight vehicles.



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