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Sad! Still Young These 3 Siblings Have Been Left By Their Parents, Here's Their Fate


IllustrationIllustration - All parents naturally expect health and longevity in order to be able to care for and raise children until they grow up. However, the fate of being orphaned seems to have been destined by these three brothers. Both of their parents died until their first child was forced to become the backbone to support his younger siblings. Sadly, their lives are very bad. They even depend on river water to eat and drink. Here goes the story.

Reporting from Haibunda, the eldest son of three siblings, named Mohamad Syahadam eventually forced to live his younger siblings. Together with his two younger sisters, Mohamad Syahadam struggled to support himself and his younger siblings.

It is known that his stepfather died from a heart attack six months ago. The sadder part is when their mother finally died of diabetes after three months of their father died. Because the death of their father and mother happened in the relative close of time leave these three children in deep sorrow.

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After the death of their parents, Syahadam and their younger siblings still lived at their parents' house. However, the house turned out to have very unsuitable living conditions. The house is roofed with zinc, has no electricity, and has no clean water flow. The three brothers from Kelantan, Malaysia, finally always rely on river water to meet their daily needs.

Syahadam claimed that the river water behind their house was used for all the needs of the house. Starting from cooking, washing clothes, to bathing. Even though their living conditions were very difficult, these three siblings lived their life with a very tough heart. In fact, his younger siblings have never complained about the concerned conditions they live in. Since childhood, they are already accustomed to a life full of struggle in the midst of poor conditions.

Even more touching was the attitude of Syahadam who insisted on not asking, even though they were in very poor conditions.

He himself attended school up to fifth grade. However, he had to give up his education and work to meet the needs of his household and younger siblings.

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Syahadam himself worked as a laborer on oil palm fields. Every month he gets a salary of RM700 (IDR2.3 million). For him, the money he got was enough for the daily needs of himself and his two younger siblings.

Because of always being grateful in leading life, good news approached these three siblings. Based on the latest news, the local government promised to provide assistance to three siblings each month where they would receive a grant of RM300 (IDR1 million).



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